Silver Foothills Mountain Ring


small silver mountain ring
small silver mountain ring
small silver ring
small silver mountain ring
small silver mountain ring
sterling silver ring finishes

Silver Foothills Mountain Ring


This mountain ring is a solid version of our original line cut. I love that the mountain shape is abstract, not touristy, and you can where it with just about everything! Perfect for those who seek wanderlust, travel and the great outdoors.

Each ring is made to order. Item ships within 3-5 business days following purchase.

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This mountain ring is a solid version of our original line cut. I love that the mountain shape is abstract, not touristy, and you can where it with just about everything!

It’s perfect for:
• mountain lovers
• wanderlust and travelers
• rock climbers
• snowboarders
• inspiration

And it makes a great gift (or for you!) for those who love:
• dainty jewelry
• nature rings
• minimal jewelry

It’s a simple, silver mountain ring you can wear everyday to show your love of the mountains. It’s a reminder of the mountain you are climbing. Or maybe it brings back memories of of a snowy ski trip to the Rockies with family or friends.

My mountain rings are made with everyday wear in mind, and you can wear them in all your outdoor adventures and activities. I wear mine mountain biking, snowboarding, and it’s even seen its fair share of messy home reno projects.

And even though my ring has taken quite a beating, a quick rub with a polishing cloth makes my ring shiny again in no time.

We are all climbing our own mountains. And sometimes, we need a little reminder to keep going. Whenever you need a little positivity in your day, look down at your hand. Your mountain ring is a reminder of the wonderful healing power of the outdoors. Go get that mountain!

Did you know you can stack this ring with the original mountains calling one? Well, you can. And it’s awesome. Check it here:

Stacking rings? Wonder woman? Fierce? Our customers love the daily reminder of the mountain on their finger, and they love stacking the two rings together!

Let me create a mountain ring for you too! Pick your size from the drop down menu, and then choose from a Polish or Brush finish. Add to cart to proceed to the checkout. Your ring takes about 3-5 days to make, and if you choose standard shipping, you’ll have it a few days after it’s finished.

Guess wrong on your size? No worries. Simply return the ring back to me and I’ll resize it for you once, for free.

• C A R E •

Sterling silver is a versatile metal, and so is caring for it. Here’s a couple of tips:

The BIG three:
1. Avoid Chemicals (sunscreen, lotions, house cleansers)
2. Give Me a Break (remove jewelry every now and then to give it a break from your skin)
3. Skip the Gym! (remove before applying heavy pressure or lifting weights)

– To clean, use warm, soapy water. You can also use a sterling silver specific cleaner, and follow the instructions provided.

– To restore a high shine, simply use a polishing cloth the rub around the ring. I go in a uniform direction, and repeat a few times.

– If you’re having too much fun in the hot springs and forget to remove your sterling silver, don’t fret. While the sulfur will cause your rings to patina, it is easily removed with sterling cleaner, or a quick rub of a polishing cloth. If your jewelry has a brush finish, avoid the polish cloth, as it will make it shiny!

– Did you know all metal tarnishes! Even sterling silver. Think grandma’s old silverware. Again, polishing cloths or sterling silver cleaner work great to restore the natural metal.

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