Smooth Stacking Ring in Gold Vermeil



Smooth Stacking Ring in Gold Vermeil


Handmade and hand-cut stacking ring handmade in 24k gold vermeil and your choice of a brush or polish finish.

Each ring is made to order. Item ships within 5-10 business days following purchase.

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Handmade and hand-cut stacking ring handmade in 24k gold vermeil that’s perfect for layering with any of our rings.

What’s gold vermeil you ask?
We start by creating the ring from sterling silver, and add the desired finish to the ring. Next, we put the ring through a series of baths and ultimately plate 24k over the sterling silver to achieve vermeil thickness. This makes the ring both durable and pretty.

I thought gold fill was better?
It all depends on the use. Our fabrication process isn’t conducive to using gold fill, as some of the brass core would be revealed, as well as the gold to thin out – causing tarnish and wear. Instead, we prefer to control the thickness of the gold and give it the highest level of plating possible.

Finished with a high polish for super shine or a brush finish for a matte texture.

Wear this mountain ring alone, or mix and match with our other rings to create your own stack!

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